116. Trail Ultramarathoner Abby Hall on When to DNF, Failure, and Going All In

11.11.2019 - By The Strength Running Podcast

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Pro ultramarathoner and trail runner Abby Hall joins us to discuss transitioning to longer distances after being a middle-distance athlete, when she thinks it’s a good idea to drop out of a race, what surprised her most when she started competing in long trail races, and what she considers her biggest failure. Abby has placed in the top 10 at races like UTMB CCC, Lake Sonoma, and North Face 50 Mile Championships.  She's a global athlete for adidas and is also sponsored by Ultimate Direction, LEKI, Unived, and CTS. Our sponsor for this episode is SteadyMD. SteadyMD pairs you with a primary care doctor, online who’s available via phone, text, or video for all of your needs. And not just any doctor, but a fellow runner who understands the training process and can easily order you blood work, referrals for specialists, and more. Go to steadymd.com/strengthrunning to learn more and reserve your spot.  Don't miss Episode 113 of the podcast where Jason asked Abby as well as two other pro runners how they fuel for different types of runs, races, and what might change if the distance of their race was a lot shorter.

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