Understanding Respiratory Rate: How groundbreaking WHOOP research applies to the pandemic

12.12.2020 - By WHOOP Podcast

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We are continuing our groundbreaking research looking at the connection between an increase in respiratory rate and COVID-19 infections. This episode is a deep dive on everything you need to know about respiratory rate and how to monitor your WHOOP data during the pandemic. VP of Data Science Emily Capodilupo shares our latest research updates, and pro golfer Scott Stallings returns to the podcast to detail how his data indicated that he had come down with coronavirus. We cover our respiratory rate findings (4:00), detecting the incubation period (8:42), putting WHOOP data to work (10:19), when to be concerned about your respiratory rate (12:30), non-COVID factors that can cause a respiratory rate spike (13:48), how accurate our respiratory rate algorithm is (18:16), Scott’s data tanking (23:07), how WHOOP alerted Scott to a possible illness (24:52), difficulty in diagnosing COVID symptoms (27:47), recovering from coronavirus (31:09), and gratitude during COVID (34:12). Support the show (http://whoop.com)

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