Walk This Way: Interview with Laura Brazeal

01.17.2021 - By The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community

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In this episode Les catches up with and old friend and colleague. Laura Brazeal has walked her way out of an unfulfilling occupation into a life lived at “human speed.” Laura has a great energy and a lot to offer the world. Enjoy the episode!
Laura Brazeal: Mind Over Muscle, Restorative Exercise Specialist
After years of training for competitive sports, Mind Over Muscle founder Laura Brazeal was “fit” and in pain. In her mid-twenties, she was already experiencing substantial knee twinges just getting out of her car and low back spasms while jogging. The focus on getting fit and looking good was at odds with her long-term goals of optimal health and longevity.
This realization drove Laura to completely revamp how she views fitness and incorporates movement into her life. She peeled away the activities that left her feeling rundown and endlessly striving for results that didn’t add to her quality of life. She stopped pursuing the exercise she “should” do, and embraced the movement that spoke to her soul.
In 2017 she founded Mind Over Muscle to help others move in ways that allowed them to experience joy, calm, and empowerment. Her holistic approach prioritizes everyday movement and how it makes her feel not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
She continues to follow her body’s wisdom, moving in ways that feel good. For her that includes walking, gardening, and playing with her husband and son.
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