1010 » Working with Agents that Want an Investment Path to Financial Freedom - Jim Manning

04.26.2021 - By Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

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Sometimes agents are chasing their next listing and they’re not building long-term investments for themselves. Jim Manning from the Doors to Deals podcast is an investor agent here in St. Louis drops in to talk to me about how Realtors can become better investors. To get a glimpse of the scope and capacity of his business Three Doors, Jim and his partner did 565 deals in 2019. They walk the walk as Realtor investors, and they generously tell you how you can become one too. Before you start off as an investor agent, what skills do you need to develop? Jim is familiar with that little negative voice on your shoulder that tells you that you don’t know enough, don’t have the right connections, or aren’t ready for this new venture. It took him 18 months to buy his first deal, so he knows that that voice can drown out your dreams of financial freedom. That’s why he advises investor agents to create a community of like-minded individuals to propel their success forward. Jim’s not going to ignore current Realtor challenges. It’s a challenging market out there, and the #1 complaint from his Realtors is how difficult it is to find a deal. He starts them backward on a marketing plan that is so similar to the one my own coaching students use. —How many leads did you generate? —How many appointments did you get? —How many offers did you make? —How many deals did you get under contract? Don’t miss out on my newest class Partner with Joe! In this 30 day class, I’ll walk you through how to get your first deal and it’s done in the simplest, easiest, and fastest way possible. Plus, for only $7, you can partner with me on deals. Check out the super simple calculator that will help you analyze properties, and let’s connect. What's Inside: —The power of follow-up (and you didn’t just hear it from me!). —New Realtors have to be hungry for growth to find motivated sellers. —It’s a hot and very competitive market, so how can a new Realtor find opportunities? —Why Jim says his #1 mistake was believing that he had to know everything before he started investing, and how you can avoid that same mistake.

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