Your Favourite Tip: Cal Newport - A great to-do list is nothing without great execution

06.29.2022 - By How I Work

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I’m calling it: the to-do list is the most misunderstood concept in our working lives, and in productivity in general. Of course, they’re super important - in fact, they’re so central to our work today that even if you don’t physically or digitally write one down, you’ve still got some version of a to-do list knocking around your noggin.
So what do we all get wrong about them? Well, most of us are pretty good at knowing what we need to do, but if that was the whole game, no one would need a show like How I Work, and I wouldn’t need to interview the world’s leading thinkers…
How I Work listener Trudi unlocked the power of a good to-do list after listening to bestselling author and New Yorker contributor Cal Newport break down his daily and weekly planning process. 
Cal’s a verified productivity machine, so when he starts talking about how time boxing is at the core of his incredible performance, we’d all better listen up!
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You can find the full interview here: Cal Newport on why you need to change your workflow, not your habits, when it comes to boosting productivity
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