Your Favourite Tip: Norman Swan - Everyone’s a storyteller, here’s how to be the best

06.27.2022 - By How I Work

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Sending an email to a colleague? You’re telling them a story. Talking to your boss during your performance review? You’re crafting a narrative? Pitching to a prospective client? Yep, you’re spinning a yarn. 
Whenever you communicate with someone else, you’re telling a story. And given how often we need to communicate with others to do modern knowledge work, we’d all better learn how to be more engaging and effective storytellers. 
For How I Work listener Dee, there’s no better teacher for that than Dr Norman Swan, the celebrated journalist, author, and host of Coronacast.
Find out why we all need to be better storytellers, and how we can get there.  
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You can find the full interview here: More naps, less coffee: Norman Swan’s tips for the good life
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