Colin O’Brady & Jenna Besaw On Possible Mindsets, K2 Perils & 12-Hours Walks

07.25.2022 - By The Rich Roll Podcast

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World-record setting adventure athlete and New York Times bestselling author Colin O’Brady returns for his fifth appearance on the podcast (RRP 207, 235, 439 & 519), this time alongside wife and partner in all things Jenna Besaw —the powerful engine behind everything they have accomplished together.
Today we discuss what global exploration has taught Colin & Jenna about mindset. We talk about the transformative power of an all-day walk, the subject of Colin's new book, 'The 12-Hour Walk'.
Packed with actionable takeaways ad incredible stories, this is a long one, but I implore you to stick around for the final hour— a harrowing first-person account of the trauma and tragedy of death on K2.
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