Episode 426: Dashiell Miner, BYU Student, RM, Seeing God’s Children at San Quentin Prison

07.01.2021 - By Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler

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My friend Dashiell Miner joins us to better see and love all of God’s children. Dashiell, who is at BYU studying microbiology working towards being medical doctor in oncology, shares four topics:

1) Surviving brain surgery at age 9 and having a life-long hearing disability. Dashiell talks about how this shaped his life to have more empathy and understanding for others

2) Dashiell’s talk in this Ward about serving at San Quentin State Prison and getting to know Tommy, sharing deeply spiritual experiences, and the other ‘men in blue’ living there. In this deeply moving talk, Dashiell helps us see others as our Heavenly Parents see them.

3) Dashiell’s home environment and the topics, discussions and principles taught by his parents Tom and Julia and how that upbringing has positively impacted his life and his ability to help others. Dashiell bravely opens up about a faith crisis following his mission in Oklahoma City and why he stays a committed Latter-day Saint.

4) Dashiell’s ongoing efforts to be a better LGBTQ ally.

This was a deeply moving and spiritual podcast. Thank you Dashiell being on the podcast and your insights to bring us together using the doctrine of Christ --- and your insights to bring hope and healing. You give me hope for the future of the world.

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