398: Dr. Chris Niebauer on Neuropsychology and the Thinking Mind

05.25.2021 - By The One You Feed

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Dr. Chris Niebauer holds a Ph.D. in cognitive neuropsychology, specializing in the differences between the left and the right sides of the human brain. He is currently a professor at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where he teaches courses on consciousness, mindfulness, left and right brain differences, and artificial intelligence.  

In this episode, Eric and Chris discuss No Self, No Problem: How Neuropsychology is Catching Up to Buddhism

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In This Interview, Dr. Chris Niebauer and I Discuss Neuropsychology and the Thinking Mind…His book, No Self, No Problem: How Neuropsychology is Catching Up to BuddhismHow the “Mind 1.0 program” is an outdated program that we’re all running onWe don’t update this “program” because we don’t know it’s thereUnderstanding the concept of self and the idea of who we think we areOur thinking mind is not accurate, but we think our thoughts are realityMore thinking doesn’t solve a thinking problemDifferences between left and right brain thinkingDisconnecting the thinking mind from consciousness in meditationRealizing the limitations of the thinking mindHow the thinking mind is not who you are and is geared to finding problemsRecognizing that consciousness is far more vast than the thinking mindNeuropsychology function is to tell us who we’re notBuddha’s teaching of everything changesHow perception is a biological functionDr. Chris Niebauer Links:

Dr. Chris Niebauer’s Website

Youtube Channel

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