ENERGY UPDATE DECEMBER 2020: Astrological forecast and what we can learn from the cosmos with Ruth Nahmias.

11.30.2020 - By Not Perfect Podcast with Poppy Jamie

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Find out what's happening with planets this month and how we can harness their energy for our greatest good! In this episode we talk about the Full Moon and the Great Conjunction coming up on the 21st December.
I am speaking to the wonderful Ruth Nahmias who has been my astrological teacher for 10 years. I am so excited you all get to hear her wisdom and guidance. Please find her on social for regular updates on what the planets are doing -
This is a NEW SERIES! I love astrology as a tool for reflection and as it's been so helpful for me, I thought I'd launch an astrological forecast series! Each month, world leading astrologists will share a short update on the energy of the month and how we can best use it to thrive, grow and prosper! Do let me know your thoughts and if this is the sort of content you enjoy and want more of, always love your feedback! DM me on instagram @poppyjamie.
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