Everyone's Talkin' Money

Everyone's Talkin' Money

By Shannah Game, Money, Money Therapy, Personal Finance, Millennials, Generation X & Glassbox Media. If you enjoy BiggerPockets, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, The Personal Finance Podcast, The Mel Robbins Podcast, & Planet Money, this show is for you!


What's Everyone's Talkin' Money about?

You can feel good about your money and ditch the stress, and Shannah Game will show you how!

Welcome to Everyone's Talkin' Money (formally Millennial Money), your go-to money podcast where we explore personal finance, money, goals, money therapy, relationships, mental health, happiness, wellbeing, motivation, and entrepreneurship for Millennials, Generation Z, and General X. I'm your host, Shannah Game, a seasoned Financial planner (aka a real money expert) with over eighteen years in the industry. My mission? To help you craft and conquer your financial goals and feel good at the same time. As a Certified Trauma of Money Expert, I'm here to lead you on a transformative journey to mend your relationship with money, chart out achievable financial goals, and embrace the life you've always dreamt of. It's time to feel good about your money! Do you often find yourself tangled in a web of financial stress and uncertainty? Everyone's Talkin' Money is here for you. But here's the twist: I'm not your average financial pundit. Holding the prestigious title of Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Trauma of Money Expert, I bring a distinctive angle to the podcast. My extensive experience and specialized training equip me to guide you through the emotional labyrinth of money. It's not just about numbers; it's about breaking down those emotional barriers to financial triumph and indulging in some money therapy along the way. The best part of Everyone's Talkin' Money is the stellar lineup of life-changing guests. From experts in the realms of money and personal finance to experts in lifestyle, relationships, entrepreneurship, celebrities, self-improvement, and more. These guests help you deal with one of life’s toughest subjects – money. Our podcast's mission transcends traditional financial advice; it's about healing your relationship with money and setting tangible financial goals. Our guests include money experts offering financial tips, entrepreneurs sharing their goal-setting journeys, insightful authors, and even artists, chefs, and celebrities who open up about their own money stories. Each episode is full of wisdom and inspiration, a testament to real people like you and me, striving to unravel their emotional connection with money while embarking on a journey to build wealth and financial freedom. Everyone's Talkin' Money has carved a niche for itself, earning well-deserved accolades and recognition. The New York Times hailed it as one of the Top 4 Money Podcasts, and the show has been featured in numerous publications as a top personal finance podcast. I put myself in your shoes, fearlessly asking the burning money questions you've longed to have answered but never dared to ask. My distinctive blend of personal finance and money therapy expertise helps you figure out money through a different lens. I also share my wealth of knowledge accrued over my eighteen years in the financial industry in my weekly "Ask Shannah" segments. These segments zero in on listener queries, with real and personalized money insights to steer you on your financial journey. Our podcast guests aren't just experts spewing financial jargon; they are relatable individuals who, like you, are navigating the emotional tides of money while chasing wealth and financial freedom. In the realm of Everyone's Talkin' Money, all are welcome, and our mission is to make money discussions both pleasurable and approachable. In a world where money often serves as a source of anxiety and apprehension, Everyone's Talkin' Money presents a refreshing and empowering perspective. Join us on this enlightening journey toward financial empowerment and emotional well-being. Don’t hesitate to tune in to Everyone's Talkin' Money today and kickstart your journey towards feeling good about your money!


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