FOUNDER STORIES: How the founder of FIJI water changed his life through Turmeric and Wakaya Perfection with David Gilmour

12.06.2020 - By Not Perfect Podcast with Poppy Jamie

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This interview today is a very special one because it’s extremely rare I get the chance speak to individuals who have nearly lived a century on this earth and are willing to share advice and wisdom with us all. 
My guest this week is David Gilmour who is a serial entrepreneur and at the age of 90 is still pioneering new areas of the health industry. David is the founder of FIJI water, one of the most famous bottled water brands in the world and in light of his work exporting Fiji water, was awarded one of the most prestigious awards being The Order of Fiji by the president of FIJI for his philanthropic and commercial achievements in the country. 
Once FIJI water was sold, he didn’t stop but began his next mission, to create a company that was an answer to his most burning question, “what has the power to support and transform health the most?” The answer came and in this episode, David educates us about his discoveries, like finding out about the power of turmeric and its ability to reduce inflammation, and learning about the secret power of Kava in calming stressed minds. These learnings along with other findings on healing natural ingredients turned into his latest venture, 
David, through Wakaya Perfection has dedicated his life to ensuring more people can benefit from high quality root ingredients to transform their health like he has done. He realised that FIJI’s volcanic nutrient rich soil had the capability to create the highest grade possible to ensure maximum impact on the body and immune system. 

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