Gals on the Go

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What's Gals on the Go about?

Gals on the Go is a lifestyle podcast hosted by influencers and YouTubers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio. Starting in 2018, this weekly podcast highlights conversations about friendship, navigating your 20’s + early adulthood, social media trends, relationships, family and so much more. Gals on the Go focuses on having real, raw, and honest conversations in an effort to “pull back the curtain” on what may look like perfect and glamorous lives on social media. STAY TUNED FOR NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY! 

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what would the gals do?


Brooke and Danielle are listening to some of your voice messages this week! Listeners are asking questions about studying abroad, attending weddings, friendship, relationships, and more! The gals are also recapping the “BAMA RUSH” documentary and discussing their thoughts. Don’t ...

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