How to be a Minimalist

By Katie Coughran

What's How to be a Minimalist about?

The How to be a Minimalist podcast is all about exploring minimalism and the many areas of life it touches. I’ll be talking a lot more about how to live an experience-based life, emotional minimalism, and how to discover your minimalist WHYS than the most efficient, space-saving technique for folding your undies or how to create a minimalist-magazine-cover home. Don’t worry, though — there will be some of those types of things, too. But here, I’d like to dive in deeper than simply living with less.

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Saying No — Ep. 134


Thanks for listening to the podcast—I hope you settle in and enjoy. Your support of the show is so very appreciated! Ratings, reviews, and Patreon patronage all sustain this show. Thanks so much for your support, however you can give ...

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