How To Become More Productive, Less Stressed, And Happier By Figuring Out The Perfect Blend Of Work-Life Balance – James Sudakow (Ep. 199)

11.27.2018 - By Elite Man Podcast

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James Sudakow, author and business consultant, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode James talks about finding that elusive, and oftentimes seemingly impossible, perfect blend of work-life harmony. He dives into his back-story of being an entrepreneur who like many of us struggled with successfully balancing his work and his personal life and how he was ultimately able to turn things around. He talks about how he made some dramatic changes to his day-to-day routine and shares with us many of these powerful and effective strategies for fixing his issues with productivity at work and happiness at home. If you’re wondering how you too can become more productive, less stressed, and just generally happier in your day-to-day life at work and at home, check this episode out now! *Download this episode now and subscribe to our channel to get more of these amazing interviews! In our episode we go over: What James does professionally and how he came up with his formula for work-life balance What his life looked like before figuring out his work-life balance The effect that balancing his work and his personal life had and what his life looks like now The 8 traps of work-life balance, what they are and how they affect you and your business The biggest work-life balance traps that plague my day-to-day life and what I’m currently doing to ameliorate them The major productivity hack I started implementing about 6 months back that has made me much more efficient each day Superman Syndrome and how to counteract this downfall that so many people have Why not trying to do so much can actually allow you to do more Getting over artificial urgency and not stressing out over things that don’t need to be done immediately Why so many entrepreneurs create artificial urgency Batching items throughout the week to save time and lower stress Having undefined boundaries and why this can get you into trouble How to set up good boundaries and actually stick to them so you can make and keep time for work alone and family time alone How to go off the grid during the day and take a break from all the chaos and grind Giving yourself a buffer zone throughout the day and having the extra time to accommodate for the unpredictable Stopping yourself from living in a constant triage state of mind The pitfall of chasing time and how to get out of this deadly trap Living in the moment and how this can exponentially improve your work-life balance How to enjoy the grind and be patient with the process The power of going to bed early and waking up early Shutting it all down early and not doing work past a certain time every day Building your schedule around the sun and working and going to bed with the natural flow of light Doing something for yourself and having fun amidst all the work and family time The misguided notion that work-life balance is not possible and how James proves otherwise Check out James on: Website: Twitter: Sponsors: *At last, the time has come for me to step on the big screen and reveal to the world the man behind the mic. 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