How To Recover From Addiction, Overcome A Severe Prison Sentence, And Transform Your Life For Success And Happiness – Rob Grupe (Ep. 225)

05.28.2019 - By Elite Man Podcast

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Rob Grupe, life transformation facility owner, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Rob talks about how he was able to overcome a major drug addiction that almost took his life and successfully transform his life after spending 7.5 years in prison. He covers his past behaviors, mindset, and attitude towards life prior to his prison sentence and talks about what he did whilst in prison to completely re-invent himself and his outlook on life. Rob also covers what he does now in transforming the lives of his transformation facility’s members and how going through so much of his own struggle has been crucial to giving back and helping so many others now. If you’re wondering how to change your negative behaviors or outlook on life and re-invent yourself for success and happiness, check this episode out now! *Download this episode now and subscribe to our channel to get more of these amazing interviews! In our episode we go over: Rob’s life transformation facility and what he and his wife do to make an impact in people’s lives The various fields of coaches and trainers that his facility consists of and why it’s so important to cover more than just the fitness and physical side to things Getting past limiting beliefs in what you can achieve How Rob and his team help people overcome the mental obstacle of getting past their limited and negative beliefs Rob’s early physical transformation from being an overweight, fat kid, to being in phenomenal muscular shape How Rob became addicted to drugs and why he began selling drugs The natural desire to escalate and push things to the limit in his life and why this was a double-edged sword for his success and his unfortunate addiction The extent and dangers of his drug addiction and how many painkillers he was taking every day (800mg of oxycontin per day) The day Rob nearly overdosed and died from taking too many drugs The day he was arrested after falling asleep high at the wheel and having a ton of drugs on him, along with a gun The shocking sentence that Rob received from the judge during his trial His thoughts after being told he would spend the next 20 years in prison What led to Rob’s addiction and downward spiral in life Rob’s immediate shift in perspective after being sentenced to his unbelievably long prison term and why it differs from most others who get sentenced to prison What it was like not being able to take drugs in prison and how he got clean and stayed clean for good How Rob was able to cut his actual prison time down to about 7.5 years The blessing in disguise that going to prison was for Rob Why everything happens for a reason How his mindset changed in prison and why he came out with a completely new outlook on life What Rob did to get himself back on his feet after prison and how he ended up opening up his incredible facility that he has now Check out Rob on: Instagram: Facebook:   Sponsors: *Follow Justin on Instagram at * Go to to get our brand new and incredible Turmeric Curcumin! *Subscribe to our YouTube channel by going to right now!

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