How To Show Up

09.02.2021 - By The Look & Sound of Leadership

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Frustrated at not showing up the way she wants to, a leader, in conversation with her coach, explores ways to integrate her values into her behavior.

To show up as more of whatever you want to be, ask yourself: 

What would be different if I were a little braver right now?What would a brave person do right now?What would I think, or what would I feel, if I were my bravest self right now?How is my self-talk helping how I show up?How is my self-talk holding me back in how I show up?
(Substitute your own spine word for “brave.”)

Three books to build muscle around how you show up. 

Leadership & Self-Deception. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life.The Four Agreements.

The PDF “Six Books for Growth” is available here. Or email Tom and he’ll send it to you.

This episode connects to two previous episodes featuring Chin-Sun: How to Build Your Self-Awareness and How to Grow Your Self-Management.

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