Jesus Over Everything

By Lisa Whittle: Author, Speaker, Founder of Lisa Whittle Ministries, LLC

What's Jesus Over Everything about?

Jesus Over Everything with Lisa Whittle is a 2-day a week podcast where best-selling author and speaker Lisa Whittle brings encouragement, Bible teaching, Christian living practical how-tos, and guest interviews for the 20-60 year old listener on the go.
Every show is grounded in Lisa’s signature relatable, bottom-line style with her passion to hold Jesus above everything.
Produced by JOE Productions.

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JOE S9E9 - Self-Help vs. Go...


Starting February off with a bang, Lisa addresses a topic that is pervasive in our culture: self-help. Listen in to discover: What is self-help? Why does it provide only temporary relief? And how can we find lasting hope? Lisa provides ...

Jesus Over Everything episodes: