Malicious Narcissists Convincing Others You Are At Fault Or Crazy

02.21.2021 - By The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast

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Narcissists have an ugly, obnoxious side, especially if they want something that you have a nd you refuse to comply. This becomes very ugly during divorce from a narcissist.  Do your research and be prepared for the narcissist during the divorce process. They hire shark-toothed attorneys. In some instances the narcissist contacts your relatives, in-laws, friends and anyone who who will listen to blatant lies about your character.  The narcissist puts you at fault for everything that went wrong in the marriage. They never take responsibility for their irresponsible behavior.  Surround yourself with individuals whom you can trust and who believe and understand the complex ordeal you are going through.  Be kind and patient with yourself; practice self care: rest, sleep, move and exercise your way, nourishing food, hydration, Nature.

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