Never Underestimate the High Level Narcissist's Cunning

02.17.2021 - By The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast

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The high level narcissist is a restless human being. He/she is always seeking narcissistic supplies-those psychological foods that he must have in order to keep his ego sense of self fully inflated.  Those who marry high level narcissist are unaware of their cunning and secrecy. Because of their charm and capacity to "read" their spouses and know their weak spots, they re clever at knowing when you are vulnerable, exhausted, confused, feeling desperate. It is at these times that their plans for how to control you further are hatched.  The high level narcissist builds a false base of pseudo trust that this person of bad character begins their dirty work. This is your time of awakening to the true deceptive nature of the high level narcissist. You decide to move forward along your own unique pathway. You now value yourself and your unique individuality. Practice self care each day: sleep, rest, nourishing food, hydration, Nature, exercise, creative activities.

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