Ep 96: Postpartum Depression and The Transition To Parenthood with Dr. Catherine Monk

05.21.2021 - By Raising Good Humans

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Today's episode focuses on the prevalence, treatment and prevention of PPD as well as what are other ways of supporting the emotional time toward the end of pregnancy and during the mother's transition to parenthood.   www.Ancientnutrition.com with code HUMANS for 20% off your first purchase. And if you're looking to revitalize your joints, skin and hair, use code HUMANS for 20% off at store.draxe.com  www.HiyaHealth.com/HUMANS  for 50% off your first order. www.StackedSkincare.com/raisinggoodhumans  for 20% off your first purchase.   Show Notes: http://pathways.org/   Produced by Dear Media

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