Psychological Bleakness of the High Level Narcissist

11.20.2020 - By The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast

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Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life: "The narcissist is never at peace. Quiet and contentment evade him. His engines of cunning are always at work. He leads a life of restless, compulsive activity...The high level narcissist cannot just "be."... He marches relentlessly forward, doing his special life's work--demonstrating how wonderful he is.  Hour by hour and minute by minute, the narcissist seeks ways to stave off his emotional thirst. Inside, his well is always dry. He must constantly turn to the external environment to get the life-sustaining water that he needs to survive---praise, recognition, sexual conquests, power. To achieve this, he chooses dependent individuals who continually quench his psychological thirst with compliments, accolades, and blind loyalty..." You may think that the high level narcissist is miserable. Oh contraire!  The high level narcissist exists in a world of denial and delusion. He/she does not have a fully developed conscience, is subject to low frustration tolerance, no psychological boundaries.  The high level narcissist chooses dependent individuals whom he can exploit to fulfill his psychological needs for praise, adulation, loyalty and servitude.   You are the opposite of the high level narcissist. You are authentic, empathic, an individual of integrity.  There is a time of awakening when you recognize that you must separate and leave your partnership, marriage, family of the high level narcissist.  You deserve great credit for your decision, choosing your well being.  Practice self care each day: get the rest and sleep that you deserve, nourishing food, good hydration, movement and exercise, spiritual practice as you define it.  

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