274: The 5 Most Common Questions We Get From New Clients

08.16.2021 - By The Paid Search Podcast | A Weekly Podcast About Google Ads and Online Marketing

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 Show Notes:
This week the guys are discussing how they respond to the top 5 most common questions they get from new clients pre and post launch including how to determine cost per click, setting budget guidelines, making changes to the website, adding landing pages, how to track success, and bidding on competitor names. 
What should my cost per click be? (10:57) 
“I’m CPC agnostic. I don’t care if my CPC is 25 cents or $1000. What I care about is my cost per lead.” - Jason How much should my budget be? (14:40) 
“The budget should be whatever you can risk in your first month and not ruin your business.” - Chris Please look at my website. What do we need to fix? (19:28) 
“I get this question every time I get a new Google Ads client and 70% of the time there’s nothing to be worried about on the website.” - Jason Should I have some landing pages created? (23:29) 
“There are times I recommend landing pages, but for those of you that have a moderately decent website with service pages with local or product information, pricing, a phone number or a form - that’s usually the best way.” - Chris Is it working? (27:33) 
“It is ridiculous to expect your long-term results will be what you see during the first 30 days.”  - Jason How do we track things? (31:51) 
“I break it down into the 3 ways we can track things – lead forms, phone calls on the website, and calls from phone ad extension clicks.” - Jason Should I bid on my competitors’ name? (40:57) 
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