Thinking Errors

01.09.2020 - By The Look & Sound of Leadership

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This month’s coaching conversation examines phrases we use that lead us into self-deception. Tom and his client explore why thinking errors so often remain invisible and, once revealed, what other words might be possible substitutions. SHOW NOTES: Tom mentions two books in this episode: “How To Raise Your Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Branden “The Four Agreement” by Don Miguel Ruiz Related Tips & Episodes Don’t Take Anything Personally Self-Awareness & Self-Management Self-Limiting Beliefs Smoothing Harsh Edges Three Words You Should Never Say   This Tip is in five categories in the archive: For Women, Managing Yourself, Perception - How You Perceive Yourself, Personal Growth & Self-Development, Self-Talk   The archive is at: Get the HTML transcript: Be in touch with Tom at: From all of us, thanks! See you next month!

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