Wannabe Minimalist

By Deanna Yates

What's Wannabe Minimalist about?

Welcome to Wannabe Clutter Free - the podcast for busy families who are tired of the chaos of their overwhelming piles of stuff, fed up with weekends of cleaning house instead of having fun, and ready to live an intentional and fulfilling life where they get to focus on what matters most. Each week I offer tips on how to live an amazing life with less stuff - physical stuff, mental stuff, and emotional stuff - it's all holding you back so I share what I have done in my own life to declutter, organize, and calm the chaos. And you won’t hear it just from me - there are amazing guests too! It’s practical, doable, and simple for those of us that wannabe clutter free.

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The Importance of Sleep in ...


Do you get enough sleep? If you're like most busy parents, the answer is no. It's perfectly understandable to see why our sleep suffers - families take a lot of time, energy, and effort to nurture and grow. Add in ...

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