What You Want To Know: 10 Questions From Elite Man Podcast Listeners Answered – Justin Stenstrom (Ep. 210)

02.12.2019 - By Elite Man Podcast

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Justin Stenstrom, nationally-acclaimed life coach, author, entrepreneur, and speaker, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Justin takes listeners questions and covers a diverse number of topics regarding personal and professional self-mastery.  He covers mindset, confidence, business, dating, and health questions from some of his most engaged podcast listeners. Justin goes deep into depth on these questions and leaves nothing back in his quest to helping listeners find the solutions to their most pressing questions. If you’re wondering what Justin recommends for a litany of life questions for both personal and professional success, check this episode out now! *Download this episode now and subscribe to our channel to get more of these amazing interviews! In our episode we go over: Justin talks about how to set and keep your goals He talks about the importance of really needing a purpose for your goals to stay focused on them Justin shares his best tip for productivity tip He covers his exact process for getting much more done during the day and staying on track How to make sure you are super focused The hardest part of starting a business Why Justin did everything wrong in the beginning of his businesses The rapid growth of Elite Life Nutrition and why Justin knew it would do well when he launched it His best tips for starting and growing a new business What he would do differently if he could professionally His best tips for lowering inflammation and stopping tendonitis How Justin healed his tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow naturally What herbs and supplements can help with inflammation Why you can always get back up no matter how hard you fall Learning from your past mistakes and taking everything as a lesson Building a resilient mindset How to get the girl who plays hard to get Using social proof and pre-selection to get girls and to boost your overall social value Justin’s favorite story about social proof and girls Growing your confidence fast The most powerful tip for rapidly increasing your confidence and transforming your mindset and belief system Justin’s best advice for upcoming college grads The rapidly changing world we live in Justin’s future predictions surrounding technology, business, and life Check out Justin on: Website:   elitemanmagazine.com YouTube: Elitemanmagazine.com/youtube Sponsors: *Subscribe to our YouTube channel by going to EliteManMagazine.com/youtube right now! * Have you joined the Elite Man Newsletter yet? If not, get on it now! Go to EliteManMagazine.com/newsletter and sign up to get special Elite Man content not seen nor heard anywhere else. Get all of our bonus podcast information, sneak peaks into upcoming shows, behind-the-scenes content, special offers, and exclusive Elite Man updates you won’t find anywhere else. I’m telling you if you’re not on our newsletter yet you’re missing out. Go to EliteManMagazine.com/newsletter and become a true member of the Elite Man Community. I look forward to speaking soon. EliteManMagazine.com/newsletter. * In today’s age, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and learn more. It’s not easy when the likes of social media can be so addictive and time-consuming – so you may think you don’t have the time to read a book or to develop yourself. There is however, an app I highly recommend, it’s called Blinkist. Blinkist is the only app that takes the best key takeaways, the need-to-know information from thousands of nonfiction books, and condenses them down into just 15 minutes so you can read or listen to. Blinkist is made for busy people like you, who want to get the main points of the books quickly without reading the entire book. With an audio feature, Blinkist makes it so easy to finish 4 books a day while you are on the go. 8 Million people are using Blinkist right now and it has a massive and growing library: from self-help, business, health to history books. I like Blinkist because, in less than 15 minutes, I feel like I can fast-track my path to a more intelligent/informed me. I use Blinkist most mornings when I’m making my morning smoothie. In fact this past week alone I’ve gone through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg, and Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I love being able to breeze through some of these incredible books and still get the main takeaways from them. It’s actually really, really cool. Right now, for a limited time Blinkist has a special offer just for our audience. Go to Blinkist.com/ELITE  to start your free 7 day trial. That’s Blinkist.com/ELITE to start your free 7 day trial.

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