When to DIY or Hire a Pro #437

11.17.2021 - By How to Money

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To DIY or not to DIY… you can almost hear that being said in the voice of Hamlet (the Kenneth Branagh Hamlet not the Mel Gibson one, of course.) But while this question is not nearly as existential as the one Hamlet poses, it’s one that we all increasingly find ourselves asking. On one hand you DIY everything in order to save as much money as possible and in the process you also gain a tremendous amount of knowledge- but do you have enough time to live your life? And on the other hand you outsource and hire a pro as often as you can and for the most part you know that the job is being expertly performed by a professional- but do you have enough money to live your life? So we’re establishing a helpful framework for you to make better decisions in today’s episode. We’re focusing on better decisions because there isn’t going to be a right or wrong answer. That’s up to us as individuals and our own specific situations, but we can all go about asking ourselves the right questions when it comes to whether we should DIY or hire a pro.
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