Your Own Magic

By Raquelle Mantra

What's Your Own Magic about?

a podcast for the creative + curious soul. the intention of the podcast is self-explanatory... to help you explore and unleash 'your own magic'. as the podcast has changed over the years, we encourage all listeners to unabashedly embrace all of who you are: the soul; the human; the mystic; the intellect; the light; the mess; the integration of this mind, body, + spirit. yom continues to share messages from visionaries, artists, authors, guides, healers, entrepreneurs, and the host - raquelle mantra - who may help strengthen your vision in the unfolding of your own magic.
hosted by Raquelle Mantra
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Soulbriety + Healing Trauma...


The increase in addiction and suicide rates in adolescence and adults has become an epidemic, so it is essential that we be educated on what to look for and how to treat and navigate the overwhelming landscape of addiction. Dr. ...

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