51. Can Emotional Intimacy Be Learned?

06.07.2021 - By Relationship Psych | Love | Marriage | Conflict | Psychology |

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I love to bring TV shows into the podcast to teach relationship lessons.
Last night my husband and I were watching For All Mankind. It’s a TV series that takes us back in time to the space race, highlighting missions to the moon of Apollo 11, the controversy of the Soviet Union landing on the moon first, and how the USA was the first country to have a man walk on the moon. Now there are lots of relationships in the show and I was trying to think about how to talk about one… but in truth, I am still waiting for a for a great teachable moment that is more than TV love…

So, this brings me to something VERY important.
TV is not real life.
Think about how odd our world is.
Love and belonging are core needs, like food, water, and shelter.
Yet we go through 12 years of education and most of us go to school even longer.
We learn math, science, language arts… but when, when do we learn about connection.
I know I didn’t have a single class until the 4th year of my psychology degree.
So how are we supposed to learn connection?
If we are lucky we have parents that modeled a good connection for us.
Many of us are not that lucky.
Here are two tools you can use to create emotional intimacy in your relationship.
Yes, these are emotional intimacy tools that can be learned.

These two ideas come from the Gottman Method and their years of research.
1. Spend time truly catching up on each other’s inner worlds.
2. Create a culture of cherishing.

To get the Emotional Intimacy Cheat Sheet Click here: https://www.emberrelationshippsychology.com/emotional-intimacy-cheat-sheet

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