CNN Finally Recognizes Fat Loss Can Reduce Chances of Hospitalization, Covid Severity

01.05.2022 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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Two years into the pandemic and CNN is finally promoting weight loss as a tool that can reduce disease severity and death as it relates to the pandemic. There are consequences associated with selectively omitting science and research, especially when you ostensibly stand for providing information that can help save lives and keep people out of the hospital. Lets dive into the details.  Save on MYOXCIENCE Nutrition's new Electrolye Stix: *Buy one get one 50% OFF ends January 16th Link to show notes: Time Stamps: 0:52 Test positivity is north of 30% in major cities 1:20 Links with obesity and severe Covid have been known since March, 2020 1:36 Obese people are more likely to test positive 2:21 Politico acknowledged diet and covid back in October 5:53 Metabolic Surgery and gut hormones 8:39 Global pandemics are interconnected 11:00 New electrolyte sale 13:36 Obesity rates in children doubled as a result of our actions 18:04 65% of the calories kids consume is junk food (where's the outrage) 22:37 Nutrition and exercise is related to vax effectiveness 24:15 Summary of best ways to lose weight

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