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In this mini training session, Shelli talks about how you can create drumbeats within your team. Drumbeats, often referred to as a cadence or sequence, help to generate a call to action for us in our mind's eye. Yes, drumbeats. Those predictable moments in your business that your team loves because it helps them be proactive, confident and prepared to meet or exceed the expectations of their roles. So, are you ready to create some welcome predictability for your team and create some breathing space for you by introducing some drumbeats in your business? Well, let's get to it! Join the BizChix Community Stacking Your Team Episodes Mentioned: SYT 34: How to Create an Accountability Action Plan for Your Team Announcing Our 2020 Programs - May We Support You Work with Us: Programs Overview VIP Day One:One Coaching Leadership Lab Six Figures Lab Listen to The BizChix Podcast Join the BizChix Community This episode was first published at Listen to our sister podcast, BizChix, on your app or at Join the BixChix Community here.

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