E99: How I Built 5 Multi-Million Dollar Companies: Marcia Kilgore

09.27.2021 - By The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

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Marcia Kilgore is responsible for revolutionising the beauty industry through the multiple multi-million dollar businesses she’s founded and built. She’s the woman behind Beauty Pie, Fit Flops, Bliss spas, Soap and Glory and Soaper Duper. 

Marcia moved to New York with just $300, which she spent on a gym membership, became a personal trainer and started a one room studio where she provided facials and spa treatments. Within a few years she’d built a spa empire and sold it to LVMH for millions and millions of dollars.

What’s incredible about Marcia is she never stops moving and innovating, and she hasn’t just got lucky once with one successful business, but has managed to do it again and again. Now, Marcia runs a beauty empire. Today she tells us what it took to get to that point, what she’s learnt along the way, and what she had to give up. 


Your early years
The gym & moving to New York
The start of Bliss
Attention to detail and maintaining a high standard
What is it about you that made you successful
Can you teach people to have good ideas
Selling Bliss
Starting Soap and Glory
Coming up with new ideas
Why was Soap and Glory so successful and selling it
Having an entrepreneurial partner
The death bed test
Choosing yourself rather than others choosing you
What are you playing for now
Advice for people of where to start


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