#37. Sleep for Restoration and Rejuvenation with Elina Winnel

11.14.2021 - By A Voice and Beyond

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Today's guest is Elina Winnel. 

Do you have problems with falling sleep or do you wake up during the night and have trouble falling back to sleep? It seems you aren’t the only one because, as a society, we are currently in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis and this is partially due to a new level of high stress we are experiencing globally. Sleep is something we take for granted and this lack of sleep has become our new normal. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation and insomnia have a tremendous impact on us emotionally, physically, and mentally.  In this episode, we speak with Elina Winnel from the Sleep Expert, who is a world renowned sleep and insomnia coach, and she shares with us some of the major reasons why we may not be getting that all important deep sleep, and that it is possible to train ourselves for better sleep. Elina does some myth busting, as we usually associate lack of sleep with things such as caffeine intake, eating carbs at night, and room temperature and there are many other myths we believe are causing our sleep issues. However, according to Elina, these are not the real causes for our sleep deprivation problem and there are usually underlying issues such as our stress and anxiety levels that are at the root of the problem.  Elina believes that everybody has the ability to sleep well and a common sense approach is more effective to dealing with sleep problems. In order to solve these sleep disorders, it is important to tune in and reconnect with ourselves to resolve any underlying issues that are affecting our state of mind and in turn the quality of our sleep. She also shares with us the new and innovative techniques she has developed to help thousands of people across the globe reclaim their sleep and transform their lives. There is so much more information in this interview with Elina that will help you reignite your relationship with sleep. Learn more on The Sleep Expert website: www.thesleepexpert.com  In this episode 01:08 - Episode Introduction 04:51 - Meeting Elina & hearing her personal journey with sleep 10:50 - What is the desired amount of sleep? 18:48 - Are their particular industries that struggle more with sleep deprivation? 22:38 - Myth-busting some of those common causes of lack of sleep 36:44 - Problems associated with lack of sleep 46:14 - Can we train ourselves for better sleep? 50:20 - A self-test for checking where you send your breath  55:42 - Some helpful practices to improve sleep

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