#69. The Five Stage of Grief and Loss with Donna Cameron

06.26.2022 - By A Voice and Beyond

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This week’s guest is Donna Cameron. As a result of Covid 19, it’s undeniable that over the past couple of years, almost all of us have been impacted in some way by the pandemic and have experienced a form of grief or loss. This week, we welcome back to the show, Donna Cameron who is a qualified psychologist with over 20 years of experience in private practice and in this episode Donna discusses both these very topics. Donna shares with us how loss has been felt globally and some continue to grieve the loss of their jobs, their businesses or their incomes, while others, including children, have been affected by the loss of social connection with their friends, and family during those times of isolation. Sadly and so tragically many have experienced the loss of a loved one. Irrespective of the loss, everyone’s journey and experiences throughout this time have been different, and for many, they are unsure of how to overcome grief and adversity. Donna helps us understand what grief is, as well as how it impacts us physically and emotionally and she also breaks down the five stages of the grieving process. Donna offers advice on coping mechanisms that will allow us to process grief in a more positive manner and shares with us what to say to someone who is in the midst of the grief, without minimising their emotions. This is such an extremely timely episode as we return to day-to-day life in our new normal. There are there so many brilliant pieces of advice offered by Donna. So whether you or someone you know is grieving or dealing with loss, this is a not to be missed interview with Donna Cameron. In this episode
05:42 – Loss and Grief experience
11:31 – Different types of Grief and Loss
14:35 – What is Grief?
16:25 – Physical and Emotional Symptoms of Grief
17:38 – Heartbreak
20:17 – Redirecting Anger to Something else
24:57 – Acceptance
28:10 – Grieving Death vs Grieving through breakup
30:57 – Best Way to Heal
36:16 – Routines and Patterns
40:33 – Right and Worst things to say to someone grieving
45:00 – Grieving: Men vs Women
50:44 – Explaining Loss and Death to children
56:27 – The best piece of advice for a person dealing with their own grief

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