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#36 The Pet-Human Bond | Carol Novello

09.29.2020 - By SuperPsyched ©Play

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The expert on this episode is the perfect person to explain how and why pets are so good for us. Carol Novello was CEO of Humane Society Silicon Valley and now serves as CEO and founder of an organization called Mutual Rescue ( Simply put, Carol is amazing. She earned a Harvard MBA, worked for years in the corporate sector, and then pivoted to devote her life to addressing the pet-human bond. She is the author of a fantastic book called “Mutual Rescue” and she has studied how the pet-human bond is reciprocal and her book has a huge bibliography corroborating her work. And on her Mutual Rescue website, she shares films that clearly show the measurable impact pets have had in their humans’ lives.

So join Carol and me as we have a lively discussion on how the pets we rescue end up rescuing us right back. Book Link: This is an affiliate link. It will provide me with a small commission on purchases made through it and help the podcast (but it won’t affect the price you pay).

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