Thinner Peace in Menopause

By Dr. Deb Butler

What's Thinner Peace in Menopause about?

If you've been on a diet your whole life and now menopause is making it harder than ever to be happy and to lose weight (AGAIN), then join Dr Deb Butler. Dr Deb is a Certified Master Weight Loss and Life Coach, and instructor for Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School, and will help guide you past your struggles and teach you the mindfulness of paying attention to the connection between your body and your mind. It's always been there... she'll help you remember what you forgot! If not now, when? So say “No” to diets and restricting and "Yes" to a new, mindful you! Subscribe now to learn more.

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Ep 302: Three Steps to Help...


One of the questions many people still ask me to this day is: “What do I do when I feel an urge?” So in this week’s episode, I want to dedicate the time to define what an urge is, what ...

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