Unf*ck Your Relationships

Unf*ck Your Relationships

By Michelle Panning

Society & Culture

What's Unf*ck Your Relationships about?

Welcome to Unf*ck Your Relationships Podcast! I’m your host Michelle Panning - intimacy alchemist AKA your love, sex, and relationship bestie, trigger queen, and founder of my signature program The Connected Woman.

I get it, you’re done being left on read, getting ghosted and being caught up in a cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable men. Let’s be real - you have NEEDS. You deserve it all, you deserve to feel worthy and confident. You deserve a fulfilling love life.

For years I was going through the same experiences with men over and over again that left me feeling confused, anxious, and pissed off. I silenced myself in dating and relationships because I was terrified of being judged, rejected, and abandoned. I just wanted a meaningful relationship and thought I was doing all the right things. But none of it was working.

I knew I couldn’t continue to repeat the same cycle with different men.

Something had to change.

I decided in that moment that I was going to finally work on healing my own wounds and work on myself, so that I could experience a beautiful and fulfilling relationship. I decided to put myself first.

And now, with this podcast, I want to share with you the exact internal work strategies that I did to get to a place of confidence, peace, and worthiness.

You can kiss ALL of your worries and limiting beliefs around love goodbye. Are you ready? Grab your favorite glass of wine and let’s get to work, because it is time to reclaim your self worth babe.

For more information about the podcast, or other ways you can work with me, visit: www.michellepanning.com

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