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Hosting your first team meeting can be scary, especially if you have been "making it all happen" through emails, voice recording apps, or quick conversations in the hallway. But how effective are those “drive by” meetings? Our guess is not very! Well, don’t worry. Shelli is here to help you with a mini-training session just for YOU, that leader who has not yet hosted a team meeting… but you’re ready to start! Join Shelli and discover some simple steps to plan for and then execute great team meetings including three standard topics for every team meeting you host! Join the BizChix Community Stacking Your Team Episodes Mentioned: SYT 14: How to Host Impactful Team Meetings SYT 35: How to Host a Weekly Touchpoint Meeting SYT 55: How to Dedicate Time to Your Team SYT 49: How to Host a Team Retreat SYT 86: Create More Predictability for your Team with Drumbeats Work with Us: Programs Overview VIP Day One:One Coaching Leadership Lab Six Figures Lab Listen to The BizChix Podcast Join the BizChix Community This episode was first published at Listen to our sister podcast, BizChix, on your app or at 

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