What WHOOP can tell you about COVID-19

07.08.2020 - By WHOOP Podcast

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Our research team has been working around the clock to uncover insights about COVID-19, and a few weeks ago we announced a major finding that showed tracking respiratory rate with WHOOP can help detect coronavirus before you feel any symptoms. VP of Data Science and Research Emily Capodilupo dives deep into our respiratory rate findings, along with a separate study that showed WHOOP members have seen improvements in sleep and cardiovascular health during the physical distancing period. Emily and Will Ahmed discuss how WHOOP discovered the importance of respiratory rate (3:51), the COVID-19 detection study (5:59), unlocking your body's secrets (11:57), HRV and resting heart rate during coronavirus (16:35), exercise intolerance as a potential COVID warning sign (18:55), what you should look out for with your respiratory rate (22:42), the COVID-19 Resilience Project (23:53), how physical distancing changed WHOOP data (30:31), how small changes in sleep patterns can have meaningful health impacts, and what's next for our research (37:37).
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