When Elizabeth Gilbert Fell In Love With Her Best Friend, Rayya

06.14.2020 - By No Filter

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*NOTE: This interview was recorded before the Black Lives Matters protests that are sweeping the world*

You fall in love with your best friend, she tells you she's terribly sick and you leave your husband to be with her. Together with her ex-wife and ex-girlfriend, you're there when she passes away 18 months later.

And that's just the short version of Elizabeth Gilbert's extraordinary life over the past few years since she last spoke with Mia.

It's been two years since Rayya died and Liz joins Mia to talk about the incredible highs and lows of their time together and what came afterwards.....

Elizabeth Gilbert's new book City Of Girls is now available in paperback.  And, you can listen to her first time on No Filter here. 


Host: Mia Freedman . You can find Mia on Instagram here and get her newsletter here. 

Guest: Elizabeth Gilbert

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