Why Muscle is Essential to Insulin Sensitivity and Metabolic Health

03.22.2022 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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New research finds that age-related muscle loss and metabolic disease are linked via shared molecular pathways. We dive into the science and discuss ways to slow muscle loss and preserve metabolic health as you age.  Save on this at-home A1C test by BioCoach: https://bit.ly/at-home-A1C-test Use code HIH5 RESOURCES: Link to research, images and video: https://bit.ly/3irEFhq Episode Time Stamps:  0:13 Epidemic of Metabolic Disease  0:24 Pandemic of Insulin Resistance: major problems  0:51 Carb cutting and fasting aren’t the only way 1:42 Muscle Health is essential  2:23 Poor Metabolic Health worsens blood sugar issues  3:00 Blood Sugar fluctuations are inevitable  4:13 Muscle & Metabolic Health  5:02 Muscle loss and diabetes 5:32 At-Home A1C test  8:00 Muscle loss is a major problem  9:00 Muscle loss in the legs, specifically is THE problem  11:54 Walking after meals  13:12 Weight training is key  14:36 Training to prevent disease  16:04 Exercise is the best way to lower blood sugar  18:58 Muscle quality and cancer  

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