#7. World Voice Day Celebration of Collegiality, Collaboration & Community (Part 2) with Dr Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher

04.14.2021 - By A Voice and Beyond

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Gillyanne and Jeremy candidly share their philosophies on a “one size fits all” and a “one method” approach to teaching singers. They believe these approaches do not take into consideration the student as a human being who has a spirit, emotions and physicality, and is not just a larynx. They stress the importance of a multi-faceted approach when working with a unique creative vocal artist in the voice studio. Gillaynne and Jeremy believe that context is everything, and discuss how this can also be applied to voice science. In celebration of World Voice Day, Gillyanne and Jeremy stress the need for teachers to understand the significance of self-care and to acknowledge their personal self-care needs in order to best serve their students. They deliver their inspirational message regarding the importance of fostering healthy mindful connections and collaboration within our teaching voice community. Be kind to yourselves and to others. Bios: Dr Gillyanne Kayes is a voice researcher, trainer and singing voice expert, internationally recognised for her insight into function of the singing voice. Her books include the groundbreaking Singing and the Actor, Successful Singing Auditions, the Singing Express series, and This is a Voice commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. She has presented on singing voice at numerous conferences around the world, including PEVOC, PAS, EuroVox, ANATS, NEWZATS, BVA and ATHE. In her doctoral research Gillyanne investigated acoustic, physiological and perceptual aspects of female voice use in different genres. Her current mission is to influence and inspire vocal trainers to collaborate and grow. Jeremy Fisher is a national prizewinning collaborative pianist, CPD accredited vocal coach and multiple bestselling author (7 books) on vocal and performance techniques. He has performed in every venue imaginable, including a tank museum, a department store window, in front of the royal family at Madame Tussauds, and 150 feet underground in a pothole. Jeremy has created many voice training resources including books, CDs, DVDs, Webinars, presentations, online streaming courses and a #1 app on Google Play – his goal is to get clear, practical singing information out in whatever format works for the singer. He uses a combination of cutting-edge vocal physiology, high-level musicianship and performance intuition to help singers and singing teachers find their own unique voice and style. Together they are Vocal Process. They’ve been co-teaching for 25 years, and married for 21.
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