E286: Yes, A Successful Dropshipping Business is STILL Possible in 2019

10.14.2019 - By The EcomCrew Ecommerce Podcast

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In the ecommerce realm, opinions on starting a dropshipping business really differ. Some people say it’s dead, others insist that its the only way to go.
Well, dropshipping is still very much around. But as Amazon moved into a position of dominance, its appeal has waned. The fact that some so-called “gurus” who sell dropshipping as an “easy” way to earn millions hasn’t helped either.
However, there are those who own sustainable dropshipping businesses. 
Dave Couillard, our resident design expert, is one of them.
I’ve asked Dave to join me in this podcast episode to talk in detail about his website, HardCases.ca. This will also serve as his formal introduction as a business partner on EcomCrew.
Here are some highlights from our discussion:

Dave’s ecommerce journey: from web design to dropshipping (12:59)
What a typical day for him is like (19:13)
Sourcing products and finding suppliers (23:10)
Running a dropshipping store (44:40)
Pros & cons of dropshipping (59:37)

I hope our discussion didn’t only prove informative but encouraged you to look at dropshipping businesses in a different, albeit more positive light.
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Until next time, happy selling!
Full Audio Transcript
Dave: I was really, really sad to see this. Almost, almost sold my Shopify stocks this morning.
Mike: (Laughs) That’s awesome.
Mike: This is Mike and welcome to Episode #286 of the Ecomcrew podcast and hello from Las Vegas, Nevada! Here for a couple of more days before pulling out and heading down towards Southern California for a little bit change of scenery. It’s been awesome hanging out here with old friends. We used to live in Las Vegas. I mentioned this on the podcast earlier and so Las Vegas is a lot different for us than it is for most people, we don’t come here for the gambling and the shows and all that stuff. It’s more about hanging out with friends, although some of those other crazy things do kind of peak in to our time here in Vegas, it seems like, inevitably. But it’s been an awesome time hanging out here and sad to be moving on, but also looking forward to it as well.
Today, I have our third partner in Ecomcrew, the often not talked about Dave Couillard, who is behind the scenes making us look good at every moment and we talk a little bit about that. But along the way, we’re talking about Dropshipping and is Dropshipping dead? I think it’s an interesting take on it because Dave runs a very successful dropshipping company and so, we talk about being able to run a dropshipping business successfully in 2019 and beyond. And we’ve actually done some episodes about is dropshipping dead? And I’m not really a huge fan of dropshipping, at least in the way that people talk about these days.
Mike: This “Get Rich Quick” scheme of dropshipping in these courses that are out there and these Facebook ads that you’re probably all seeing as well that make us marketers look bad. At least the people like Dave and I, Dave, Dave and I, I should say now, that want to provide valuable content and we never sell the dream and we never talk about how easy this stuff is. And so those people really drive me crazy. But there is a lane for dropshipping out there if you do it right. And so that’s what this episode’s about.
And with my promise of not talking too much about the episode, repeating myself,

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