A Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries During the Holidays

12.01.2021 - By The Better Life Project™

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If you’re anything like me, setting, communicating, and upholding healthy boundaries can feel really confusing, daunting and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have much experience doing it. But having good boundaries in place is so important for the sake of our physical, mental, emotional, relational and financial health. This is especially true during the holidays! Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot about what exactly boundaries are, why they are so important, how to set them, how to communicate them, and how stick to them. So in this episode I’m going to walk you step by step through setting some healthy boundaries for yourself this holiday season to protect your time, energy, space, and well-being. For show notes, links, resources + more visit: http://www.kelseyvankirk.com/podcast/114 Did you enjoy today's episode? We'd love if you would take a quick minute to leave a rating and review, which will help other women just like you find and be encouraged by the our show! Want to make sure you never miss an episode? Hit that "subscribe" button on your podcast app and click HERE to join our email family so you'll be notified whenever a new episode is released.

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