Calorie Cycling, Fasting & OMAD for Metabolic Health and Fat Loss

12.02.2021 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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Your body composition changes as you age, especially after menopause for women. Compressed feeding patterns like intermittent fasting (IF & TRF) can help improve metabolic health and prevent fat gain throughout lifespan. Deanna Mutzel joins us to discuss how she uses Intermittent Fasting and OMAD as a tool on busy days. Support your Vitamin D levels this winter with Essential Fatty Nutrients by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition: Save 15% with code podcast at checkout Flexible OMAD eCourse: Video Version of the Podcast: Connect with Deanna: Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 0:17 Fasting as a tool when life gets busy 1:34 Fasting can help with energy, mental clarity 3:15 Considering energy balance over a longer period of time 3:45 Undulating your calories 4:45 Vitamin D should be considered seasonally 6:39 Find out how snacking weak-spots 10:39 Getting the whole family on board 9:10 Using exercise to buffer glucose surges 12:01 Making your own chips 15:15 Walking "snacks" throughout the day 18:40 Changing your identity is important for success 19:49 Making exercise easier 21:47 Cold showers in the winter 24:00 Easing into fasting 25:30 Plant based diets and health 30:00 Changing your feeding window with the seasons

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