#282: Carb Cycling, Leptin Reset & Food for a Better Mood w/ Ali Miller, RD

11.09.2019 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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In today’s chat Ali Miller, RD reveals new insights about leptin, insulin and body composition which I think you’ll find interesting! ➢ Today’s conversation is brought to you by NED, leaders in biodynamically grown hemp oil (CBD) and skin-care creams (that also doubles as a natural sexual lubricant). Save 15% OFF their amazing hemp oil blends and creams: http://bit.ly/ned-CBD-discount Here are a few key takeaways from today’s show: 20:01 Avoiding thoughts that harm your health 34:00 Why animals are essential to biodynamic farming 01:13:09 Leptin fluctuates with menstrual cycles and how to 01:15:00 Timing carb refeeds for leptin resetting Check out the video interview, book list and show notes: https://youtu.be/BQLuT4qcCfA

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