141. Community Q&A: A1c (Blood Sugar Going up on Carnivore?) & More - Episode 5

10.28.2021 - By Nutrition with Judy

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Hey guys, here’s episode 5 of community Q&As;! Why is my A1C is going up? When do you anticipate taking new clients?There are some influencers that say keto is bad long term. Your thoughts? Low carb caused hormonal imbalances?Chemical hormone replacement for menopause or natural herbs?Fruit and honey, yay or nay?Protein as the main energy source isn’t accurate? Why is that?Fasting – best time for women with cycleCheese on carnivore, yes/no?Topical creams for face: Animal fats vs plant oils?Carnivore diet and the effect on the microbiome?Swallowing beef liver whole – ideal for digestion?Hives from allergies?Hair loss and prevention? Puffy/swelling face and body. Why?  Dry mouth a thing? 7 months in Herbal treatments or supplements for SIBO?Thoughts on natural psychedelics?RESOURCES:People’s Beef JerkyNwJ Carnivore BloodworkNwJ Symptom BurdenNwJ newsletterNwJ Stress EpisodeSIBO Study + YouTubeT3 and exercise studyHoney and Fruit Q&A;Dairy Blog postThink Dirty and EWG’s SkincareMicrobiome + CarnivoreGI MapLiver: Don’t Eat Just Beef Histamine SupportOmega 3 TestingSole Water Recipe____ CHECK OUT MY BOOK, Carnivore Cure SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER _____  ADDITIONAL RESOURCESNutrition with Judy ArticlesNutrition with Judy ResourcesCutting Against the Grain Podcast_____  FIND ME

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