Creating a conscious plant based family with Ellen Fisher

11.26.2018 - By Plant Proof - Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories

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In Episode 41 I sit down with Ellen Fisher to learn about her journey and the steps she has taken to build a family that is centred around consciousness, abundance, life learning, love & lots of fun.

In this conversation we cover:

• What Ellen's childhood was like in California
• Why she changed her diet
• Why her and her high school sweetheart Andrew decided to leave California for Hawaii
• What life is like in Maui, Hawaii
• How her 3 pregnancies were as well as her breastfeeding experiences
• Tips about breastfeeding to improve supply
• How she explains to her kids the 'why' behind the decision to not eat animals in their household
• Tips about plant based food & children
• Supplements her children take
• How her kids go about dealing with non-vegan food or junk food in social situations
• How her kids are schooled
• Attachment parenting
• and much much more
Resources from this episode:

• Ellen's website - her latest E-Book is now available too
• The breast feeding blog we spoke about
• Some resources for Donor Milk
• USA:
• Australia:
• Canada:
• UK:
• New Zealand:
• For other countries google or Facebook search "Donor Breast Milk" and your location
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