Develop a Vision for the Future

05.04.2022 - By THE BRENDON SHOW

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When we don't have a vision for the future, it can feel like we're just going through the motions. In this episode, gain more clarity and connection with your future, so you can live in the moment doing what matters most. “If you're struggling with purpose today, you're simply lacking a routine or practice to look at your tomorrow. If you want to be a better leader, parent, or business person, you need to look at your tomorrow more consistently...not just on New Years day, but daily.” If you'd like a more clear vision for your life, this episode is for you! 1. Get the GrowthDay app for all your personal development in one place: 2. Read my bestselling book, High Performance Habits: 3. Get the High Performance System online (the full course and assessment!): 4. Get the Confidence Masterclass: 5. Follow me on Instagram: 6. Text me at 1-503-212-6125!

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