From $0 to $5000 a Month Working With Brands, How She Did It!

09.08.2021 - By The Influencer Podcast

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In today's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my amazing Pitch It Perfect students, Katie Davila! Katie has grown from making $0 a month in brand deals to over $5,000 a month after taking Pitch It Perfect. Tune in to learn more about how to get started as a blogger, how to grow your followers and monetize your platforms, how to build confidence to negotiate for more pay, and more!  What you'll hear: How to get started as a blogger How to grow your followers and monetize your content in one month  How to build your confidence to negotiate for more pay  How Katie was able to navigate her mindset to make money posting online  Guest: Katie Davila, student of Julie's pitching course, Pitch It Perfect, and founder of Brunette in Blush @brunetteinblush. Brunette in Blush is a blog for you if you love all things affordable fashion, beauty, and a little bit (or a lotta bit) of home finds and lifestyle hacks!   Find Katie on Social Media:  Katie’s Instagram Katie’s Website  What did you think of today’s episode? If you connect with the things I chatted about today, I urge you to apply for my exclusive networking mastermind SHINE at   To dive deeper into each episode with myself and other podcast listeners, plus receive exclusive bonuses relating to the show, come join The Influencer Podcast Facebook group.  And be sure to snap a screenshot and tag me @julssolomon & @brunetteinblush as you’re listening to this week’s episode. Remember to hashtag #theinfluencerpodcast, that way I can share your screenshot on my story too!

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